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- Gwendolyn Taitt-Relf, Author -

About The Author
Gwendolyn Taitt - Relf, is a Southern girl who has lived in California for most of her life, her passion for writing and the written word goes back as far as she can remember. Over the years Gwendolyn has enjoyed writing her own greeting cards to celebrate birthdays, mother’s day and all holidays. In her career, she's written website text, pamphlets, brochures, company policy and she has edited books for a number of gifted authors. Fulfilling her own dream of being published, began with her contribution to the book, "We Support You", a publication of creative writings, poems, prayers, and letters to our U.S. Military serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Ms. Taitt - Relf's first book "Why the Star's Twinkle", received outstanding reviews, and  set the course for her book signing events across America. She also penned a paperback titled, "Every Other Thursday", a highly anticipated fiction that has earned 5 star praise. This author brings characters to life in the most intriguing way; drawing you in and tugging at every emotion. Stay tuned, Her new novel, "Deception at Dusk" will be available in book stores around the world and online,  January 2021!

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